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Marathon Training - Week 1 Recap

Happy Sunday all! (two weeks a little late)

Monday (July 18) - 22.41 mile ride @ Flywheel

Tuesday (July 19) - 2.07 mile run

Wednesday (July 20) - 2.04 mile run

Thursday (July 21) - 2.03 mile run

Friday (July 22) - 21.80 mile ride @ Flywheel

Saturday (July 23) - REST DAY! (shopping/errands)

Sunday (July 24) - 4.11 mile "long run" 

This round of training has already started out on the best foot. I am so grateful to have the best support system from my love/other half. While I know he may not ever run a marathon, he is the most supportive person and always encourages me. The positive energy and good spirit motivates me to run! I cannot wait to start Week 2 and celebrate his birthday on Friday. I will be wiggling the schedule around a bit so we can celebrate properly!! 

Have a terrific week everyone!

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