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How are you planning to stay motivated?

Morning All!

So did everyone wake up this morning and stay on track to be successful in 2015?

Runner’s World posted an awesome article over Christmas to really help you stay on track in the New Year!

I love all of these ideas!

Scheduled for 5 miles from park to home this afternoon?

How are you moving today?

Happy Running!

P.S. We are "interviewing" at a new Doggy Daycare for Bear and I am completely nervous out of my mind! 


  1. Awww Bear! I'm sure it will go great :) I wish we could afford to leave Truckee somewhere a few days a week, I know she would LOVE it!! I'm hoping to get a run in in the morning, but we'll see! One of my best friends from back home is staying with us this weekend and I can't WAIT for some much needed GIRL time!

  2. Realized I am on a pretty long run streak so I am being motivated by other runners in Instagram to keep going and see how long the streak lasts