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Weekly Recap (1/12 - 1/18)

Hi All! Happy Monday!

It is a holiday for most of you but I am at work for most of the day. I am battling some wicked allergies after the crazy wind hit Seattle on Saturday night.

Here is a recap of my week:
Monday – 3.08 mile run
Tuesday – 1.15 mile RUNch & 2.27 mile afternoon run
Wednesday – 3.07 mile run
Thursday – 1.16 mile RUNch & 2.06 mile afternoon run
Friday – 1.03 mile run & 2 mile walk
Saturday – Rest Day!
Sunday – Rest Day! Seahawks are going to the Superbowl…again!

Total for the week: 13.82 miles with Bear in tow.

What are your plans for the week?

Happy Running! 


Weekly Recap (1/5 - 1/11)

Hi All! Happy Tuesday! 

So I got caught up in my puzzle madness and reading, which led to a late weekly recap post. 

Monday - 1.29 mile run/walk (first time taking Bear on the trail)
Tuesday - 3.06 mile run 
Wednesday - 3.04 mile run
Thursday - 3.11 mile run
Friday - 1.16 mile RUNch & 3.02 mile afternoon run
Saturday -  1 mile run (pants malfunction)
Sunday - Rest Day! A ton of football watching took place! 

Total for the week: 15.68 mile and all with Bear! 

Looking forward to taking on next week! 

Have an amazing week! 

Happy Running! 


How are you planning to stay motivated?

Morning All!

So did everyone wake up this morning and stay on track to be successful in 2015?

Runner’s World posted an awesome article over Christmas to really help you stay on track in the New Year!

I love all of these ideas!

Scheduled for 5 miles from park to home this afternoon?

How are you moving today?

Happy Running!

P.S. We are "interviewing" at a new Doggy Daycare for Bear and I am completely nervous out of my mind!