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2015 Goals. Projects. Run.

As another year approaches, it is truly amazing to see how far you have come in the 365 days prior. Some of us conquered and some of us rose to embrace the unexpected. Personally, everything about this past year was unexpected but delightfully welcomed. A new city, a new job, a fun marriage and a healthy (over slobbery) pup. 

What more could anyone ask for in their life? 

So as I reflect and plan for another year, I had to really focus on goals, life projects, family, and running (of course!). 

2015 Goals and Projects

Embrace training and cross that marathon finish line. Life happened and my original race was changed, so now we move on. I hope to end the year at the Dallas Marathon with a marathon medal around my neck. 

Fall in love with the run. I love running but can struggle with training (as we all do). I have my sights set high to look forward to the cold air, shining sun, and rainy roads. I am devoted to the run and hope to complete 2,015 miles in 2015. 

Read a new book each month and share it with the world. 
I have an endless book collection and I have not dove into it in quite sometime. This year I will dedicate more time to enjoying something for myself, plus sharing some books with you all! 

Visit new places at least once a month. Living in a new part of the country has truly inspired new adventures. To continue the trend, I want to spend quality family time discovering a new hiking trail, town, country, or a field of tulips. I hope to share many photos along the way. 

Start saving for that rainy day. I will admit I am horrible with saving money. My hope is to just develop a habit in putting some money away (a little here and there) for emergencies, a dinner out, or flying my mom to come visit us. 

Finally put an end to my credit card debt. Yes, I know this is a normal one. Lucky for me, I have a plan and have been working on it for the past 6 months! With the support of B, every month (for 8 months) I will be able to pay off 1 card! I may or may not be doing a happy dance in my chair as I type this. 

Be purposeful and give back. I know many of us focus on "spring cleaning" or "end of the year spruce", but this year I am taking it one step further. The goal is to take on a part of the house and clean/weed/toss/donate. The exception will be if I don't have anything donation worthy, I will pick a local organization and donate items they may need. 

Tackle a puzzle with the family. All the hoopla of moving, new jobs, crazy stress; B, Bear and I lost focus on our little family unit. Sure, we had meals together, shopped, traveled; but we lost focus on fun/enjoying each other. Solution is add in a puzzle to the mix! A fun family project will keep us sharp, not spending money and a change of pace from running/work/commuting. 

Send birthday love all year long. Last but certainly not least, is sharing the birthday celebrations to all of our family. We may live in Seattle, but none of our family is within 500 miles. I cannot wait to share a little bit of love and happiness to family from California to Connecticut and Texas! Who knows, I may send myself in a box! 

Of course there are some small random things I want to accomplish but the big picture is family, time for myself and my love of running. I am not sure what 2015 holds for my family and our life in Seattle, but I am thrilled at every possibility.

How will you welcome the New Year?

What is one goal (not running related) that you are looking forward to conquering?

Happy 2015 everyone and happy running!

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