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Running with Soul: Meet Cynthia (#12)

Hi, I'm Cynthia. As a kid, my family and friends called me Cindy but I haven't gone by that in years aside from with family and longtime friends! I'll still answer to it but it might take me a minute.

How many years have you been running? 
10 years (as of Fall 2013)

Little bit about yourself: 
I'm a mom of three little kids, and I work full-time in arts management. I live in the suburbs of Washington, DC but work downtown. I'm passionate about the arts, my family, and anything active. I travel quite a bit within the US and also internationally for work (and sometimes for fun), and love to take pictures as I run through various cities on my travels.

Who or what inspires you to run?
I am inspired by goals - I like to sign up for a challenge and that helps me focus and gets me out there day after day. If I don't have a goal, I still work out but I don't feel as driven. I'm also inspired by seeing and feeling myself get stronger and fitter all the time - I love the effect of the running! I've lost over 30 pounds this year through all my hard work.

What is your running mantra?
It depends on the circumstances, but on any long run I can be seen (if you look closely) repeating to myself: "Your body is a machine" - for some reason that gets me into a zone like nothing else.

What is your favorite running/fitness blog?
I have so many these days! I'm a new triathlete, so I have been enjoying various triathlon blogs, and of course those all have a lot of running in them too. I listed a few of my favorites recently on a Friday Five here:

What has been your most memorable race?
My most memorable running race was my first marathon, the Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa, FL in 2005 (then called the Bank of America Marathon). I had gotten in shape and lost weight I had been carrying for years, and felt amazing. I trained with a group and loved the community aspect of running. I finished strong and felt great about my finish time of 4:17. At the finish line I said I couldn't wait to do that again!

What is your dream race? (Besides Boston)
I would love to do another marathon next year, and am looking towards a half Ironman (70.3) in 2015. Both of these things take a lot of time and intensity to train for, so I hope that I can fit them into my busy life. I don't have the particular races picked out yet.

What are you currently training for?
I'm signed up for the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge in February, but I ended up having surgery in December and am going to just be getting back to running a few weeks before that. I'm not sure I'll be able to adequately prepare for that distance in three weeks, so I will likely have to defer for medical reasons until 2015. It's a tough decision. So right now, nothing because I'm not allowed to run, but I am mapping out my 2014 race plan and have already signed up for my first Olympic distance triathlon for September 2014.

What one piece of running gear can you not live without?
My running stroller. I would not have gotten through the last 7 years without it!

If you could share any words of advice/encouragement to a new runner, what would it be?
Build up your mileage slowly and your body will adjust to the endurance aspect of running. I still feel as though the first mile or two of many runs is hard, and then I hit a groove after mile 2.5 and feel like I could keep going for a long time. So don't count yourself out for longer distances based on how you feel right now - keep at it and it does get easier!

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