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Motivation Monday: Take pride in yourself

Happy Monday All!

Did you conquer any obstacles this weekend?

The long run?

The half marathon?

Your longest or fastest training run?

I don’t know about you, but when I see some of my favorite bloggers/runners talking about completing their 19 mile long run, I am shocked. Not only have they conquered the run but that do it with an average pace of 8:08 per mile.

What is that and where can I get it?

I am sure I am not the only one intimidated to post how excited I am to get in a 4 mile training run under a 14:00 per mile pace. Heck, I have friends who can run faster paces and they don’t train like me.

But let’s be real… THEY ARE NOT ME! I am my own runner and my effort will not be diminished. I will run 8 miles and stop for walk breaks and be proud. Every step we take to break through our comfort zone should be celebrated. Don’t let your mind and what others may be accomplishing, keep you from being proud. We are all working hard each day to push our bodies and you are a rock star!

I will high five and bow down to runners like Run with Jess, Run Eat Repeat, and Nadia the Runner! They are inspirations to us all!

Just remember they didn’t wake up one day running 10 mile easy runs in an hour. They took pride in every workout and never gave up!


  1. Even my short runs have double digit times, but I am trying to focus on improving myself and not comparing others. Sometimes I do wish I was faster though.

  2. All my runs are around 13 minutes. That will be enough for a under 3 hour half in Long Beach in October. Might see you there.