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Motivation Monday: Conquer the impossible

Happy Monday everyone!

Fall 2012, I started my journey by running to a mailbox on my street and turning around. The total distance was a mile and what felt like the longest mile in the world. Some days I would huff and puff as I hobbled to the mailbox. Other days I would think, “This is crazy, I can’t run”.

March 2014, I have raced and finished 11 5K’s, 1 10K and 3 half marathons! I have a 2014 goal to run 17 half marathons and 2 Ragnar Relays! Plus I will be running my first marathon in February 2015! Some days I forget about those days running to the mailbox, thinking I couldn’t do this anymore.

To everyone who ever thought it was impossible, you are wrong!

Set one foot in front of the other and start your journey. 


  1. awesome!!!! You've done a ton in such a short time! Enjoy the whole crazy marathon process :)

  2. thanks for the reminder! i'm running my first half this year and nervous but totally excited! :)