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Anyone crossing their fingers to win the lottery?

Hi All!

The week is half way over and we are almost home free! I have been procrastinating on packing for my trip to Texas this weekend for Rock 'n' Roll Dallas. The bag will pack itself eventually, I hope!

I wanted to check in on everyone to see how my fellow runners are handling all this lottery hoopla!

I mean some of us are patiently waiting for the email and credit card charge from the Marine Corps Marathon.

Others got in those last minute entries into the New York City Marathon (since the lottery closed at 11:59 EST last night)! To which we will be refreshing constantly for notification on March 26th!

Then there are ones impatiently waiting for the lottery to open for the Chicago Marathon at 12 pm CST TODAY! 

Oh and in not lottery news, the new Disney Avengers Super Heros Half Marathon registration opened for Annual Pass-holders today! Don't worry all other folks can register March 25th at 12 pm EST!

Needless to say it is a crazy registration day in the running world!

Good luck to all! I head off to Texas Saturday and excited to see all of you in Dallas! 

P.S. I will be running with #TeamSpree this weekend. More details to come!

Happy Running!

Who got into MCM?

Will one of these three be your first marathon?


  1. I entered lottery for NYC back in November - first day it opened. It's been a LONG ASS WAIT. Honestly, I'd be ticked if people who entered yesterday get in before me! LOL One more week til I can make fall plans...

  2. I didn't enter any, but wish everyone luck.