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Miami Marathon & Half Marathon Expo/City Recap

After a full week of recovery, I am ready to share with you all some recaps of my weekend in Miami! 

(Warning: Tons of pictures are ahead!)

After some rough travel to get into Miami, my mom and I woke up ready to take on a full day of sightseeing and touring the Expo! 

Since our hotel was literally right across from the Bayside Marketplace, we didn't have a long walk to the Expo Shuttle. The marathon was providing shuttles from downtown to Miami Beach, there was tons of traffic so I was a great way to get back and forth. 

We had some terrific views going over the causeway!

By the way that awesome boat my mom is snapping a picture of, it rents for $75,000 a WEEK! 

We arrived!

Like all large races, the Expo was huge! My mom and I have a system though. Get bib, get free samples, buy official souvenirs, and always avoid things you don't need! Since she has literally been with me to all my Expo's it is full proof! 

Get bib: check! 

All in all, there were tons of athletic stores and individual brands showing off their stuff. 

Samples, souvenirs and pictures: Check! Now it was back to the warm shuttle and lunch! 

The Expo was busy, as is any good Expo. We arrived about 10 minutes after it opened and it was packed. The bibs and bags lines were quick so no congestion. All in all the Expo was great and provided tons of fun stuff for runners! 

We then proceeded to have way too much fun in Miami! 

We ended the day with some well deserved carbs and race prep!

To be continued...

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