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I am here Miami!

I made it to Miami! It was an interesting travel situation but luckily I made it here unscathed.

After an almost hour delay in my little regional airport, we were on our way to Chicago O'Hare. 

After missing my connection, it was a miracle that an earlier flight to Miami was delayed by 3 hours. While I am sure that the people are the flight were not happy I was thrilled. I grabbed 3 bananas to eat for dinner and was thankful to the travel gods.

So have you ever been on a Boeing 777-200? It is pretty much a bus in the air! After being on a 50 passenger airplane then getting on an over 300 passenger penthouse plane; I felt like a rockstar. I wish I would of taken better pictures but I was trying not to be too much like a tourist.

When we traveled overseas, we didn't even travel in this much style. Heck, I even got to watch Despicable 2 on loop! Win!

Finally we were miles away from Miami and it was already Saturday. Oh well, my mom and I are going to have fun in Miami! 

If you are running or racing this weekend, good luck and have fun! 

Happy Running!

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