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Honey Stinger Review & Giveaway (Day 6)

Happy Saturday all! 

Who raced or ran long? 

I know it took me getting pushed out the door by B to get my long run in. The weather was gorgeous and I was so glad I ran. 

I use MapMyRun for the live tracking and it said I ran 8.69 miles. The old Garmin was off by a lot, either way no snow or ice is a good day!

What else could I possibly share with you for Day 6 of My Favorite Gear Giveaway? The fuel that gets me through long runs and races: Honey Stinger!

Since I began training I have had the hardest time fueling for training runs. I have an extremely sensitive stomach that does not take well to gels or chews. I would end up having to cut training runs short to make it home to the ladies room. It was not only discouraging but I worried how I would survive in a race. Would I hit a wall? Could I rely on the race fuel?

I was happy when I went on a whim and bought a Honey Stinger Organic Vanilla Waffle. Prior to a long run, I had a waffle with some water. I really enjoyed the taste and texture. I hit the road after about 45 minutes to make sure everything was settled. I finished the run with no pain, no bathroom stops and no fatigue. Oh happy day! 

Here are nutritional facts:

Please note I am no health guru and not sure if these will work for everyone. I have had nothing but great results! The waffles are not too big, so I have been able to tuck them away in an arm sleeve or my Fitletic Runner Belt!

Honey Stinger has a wide arrange of products for fueling! They even help us better understand which product will meet your dietary needs.

I love a company that understands the importance of find fuel options that keep our nutrition on track! 

Now for the fun part! 

One lucky reader will win a 16 pack of Honey Stinger Organic Vanilla Waffles! 

Enter below!

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  1. Would love to try those waffles!!!

  2. Waffles = Awesome! Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

  3. Still don't have a grasp on the fueling during a run, probably don't run long enough. But I want to learn!

  4. Never tried these but they look cool!

  5. I tried GU on my long run yesterday, and just couldn't deal with the texture. I've seen these around, maybe i'll have to try them!

  6. I totally know what you mean about tummy issues on long runs. I've def had to do business in the woods off a trail before. GAHHH!

  7. During my marathon I could not take my last gel,as my stomach was upset. Would love to try these

  8. I tried these during my first half good!

  9. I already love Honey Stinger gels; would love to try the waffles!

  10. I've heard great things!! Would love to try them!

  11. The lemon waffles are great!!