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Fitletic Runner Belt Review & Giveaway (Day 3)

Over the past year, I have struggled with fueling during a race. First, I am a back of the pack runner which means during races I may not make it to the fuel in time. During training runs, I have a hard time packing the right fuel and hydration to sustain me. I must admit I was skeptical when trying the Fitletic Ultimate II Running Belt. I am not a tiny runner (I wear as size 18) and I was worried about jostling during my run. 

Here are some specs from the Fitletic website:

Engineered for the Endurance Athlete, our superior, patented design lets you comfortably carry enough fuel to unleash your performance.

• Exclusive Dura-Comfort Technology and ergonomic design contours to your body to ELIMINATE BOUNCE
• Water Resistant Neoprene Pocket for phone and essentials
• Fits Most Phones, including iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4
• Interior Pocket to secure ID /Cash
• Versatile Extra Mini-Pouch for keys, additional fuel, and more
• 5 Exterior Energy Gel Loops for On-the-Fly Access
• Ultra Soft Dual-Adjust Waistbelt
• High Visibility Reflectors
• Race Bib Toggles 
· Belt Dimensions - Adjustable Band (24 - 42 inches)
· Pocket Dimensions: (6 x 3 Inches) 

1. Would all the necessary fuel fit? 
I am happy to report that my i-Phone, car key, 2 gels and a waffle fit perfectly! Fitletic was awesome and even sent me a 6 oz. hydration add on. I loved it so much I bought myself an 8 oz. hydration add on at the Miami Marathon. 

The bottles and holders are designed to simply slide onto the belt. They sit securely wherever most comfortable and provide easy access for you during a run or race. I love being able to have water and Nuun during a run, so this was an awesome add on for me!

The main front (or back depending on you prefer to wear the belt) even had room for some salt tablets or bandaids. Recently when I ran at the Miami Marathon the fully zipped pouch even protected my phone from torrential downpour. 

The gels stuck in place while running but were still surprisingly easy to remove for quick consumption. 

The second smaller pouch is more of a grab bag. I have put a Clif bar, car keys, debit card, or even a baggie of gummy bears. The pouch is secured by velcro and expands to added room. Who couldn't use an extra pocket?

One feature I was really looking forward to were the Bib Toggles. I have so many tech shirts with holes from safety pins. I wanted to avoid the whole thing all together and simply add the bib to the belt. This was the perfect element to add to the running belt. It is quick and easy! Plus, after a race my bib was still in pristine condition (I hoard all of my race bibs). 

The belt has a very secure latch and an snug elastic waist band. Overall my experience with the belt was fantastic! I had no issues with twisting, jostling, slipping or tummy aches. I must say that with my waist size and build I worried about major issues. Luckily the belt was comfortable and flattering for me. 

Fitletic has offered to giveaway ONE of their runner belts  and TWO hydration add on's of your choice (6 or 8 oz.) to one lucky reader!

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Disclaimer: Fitletic did provide me with a Ultimate II Runner Belt and 6 oz. add on for review. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I generally fuel with GU during races.

  2. It depends on the race distance.......I usually don't do any fuel on a half marathon or less, but any more than that and I like and of the energy chews!

  3. I'm new to longer runs, my longest so far is 8miles and i've yet to fuel or hydrate during. eek, right?
    I have a sensitive stomach and am always nervous with anything on my stomach, I've heard that gummy bears or GU may be my best options.

    April @ OverExtendedApril

  4. I've been curious about this belt for awhile now but didn't want to dish out the money in case I hated it like some of the others I have. Now that I'll be marathon training I need to find a way to fuel on my longer runs so maybe I'll check this one out! Thanks :)

    1. oooh commented before I read the instructions for the giveaway lol sorry I was just so excited about the belt! I generally fuel with GU during long runs and I prefer cliff blocks when I'm on my bike during triathlons

  5. Im currently addicted to GU Energy Gels in Salted Caramel

  6. I love larabars and I'm a Gu fan too.

  7. I love grapes, raisins, pretzels, and dates! I recently go some energybits so I am excited to try those out! Thank you!

  8. I generally don't fuel with anything which I know is no good, but when I know it is going to be a really long run I muster up the strength to bring a water bottle that I carry around with me.

  9. GU or gatorade energy chews.

  10. I'm a big fan of Double Espresso Clif Shots, because caffeine. I used to use Sports Beans but hate chewing them during a run.

  11. I like to use shot blocks and gu gels. Kylie V

  12. I love EnergyBits! Thank you for the giveaway!

  13. Ive never ran long enough to need fuel! Water usually does the trick for me!

  14. How awesome! I've been running for years but am just now training for my first marathon therefore fueling is a bit new for me..GU is my fuel of choice right now but we'll see.

  15. I just started running last summer and completed my first 5K. My goal for this summer is to really up it and try to complete 14 5Ks before 2015. I have no idea about race fuel because I'm just learning, but I'm so excited to keep moving forward!

  16. honey stiinger gels, and I love the bib toggles

  17. I just found out about race belts and have been looking to get one. This would be perfect!

  18. i'm a GU gel kinda guy, and then i usually take whatever the aid stations offer!

  19. I been fueling with GU but want to experiment with more natural products. I'd love to try Island Boost.

  20. I actually haven't tried fueling on runs yet - I guess I'm not running far enough to warrant it yet.

  21. I use Clif shot bloks. I would love this belt for hydration. My tried and true running path has well placed water fountains, but I'm always scared to try new routes for lack of water access.

  22. i bring a handful of raisins. i drink water but am not a fan of flavored drinks
    (stacey h)

  23. So far I actually haven't fueled during a race, but will probably do so with PocketFuel and/or raisins/dates in coming races.

  24. I fuel with Generation UCAN. For a half marathon, I'll use 2 packets of chocolate protein enhanced UCAN about 30-45 minutes before the race and then nothing but water along the course! 2:15:xx half and no tummy troubles and no bonking!

  25. I usually power with Power bar energy gels

  26. Hi 5 isogels for me. They're the only ones which don't seem to upset my tummy! They're quite watery, and don't need to be taken with water, so are easy to take.