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Vet visits and 2015 races already

If you follow me on Instagram, then last night you saw that Bear had to make a visit to the Emergency Vet. He had developed a strange inflammation around his elbow and it wasn't getting any better. So all 3 of us piled in the car and bundled up for the evening visit. 

Since Bear is pretty much still a puppy (5 years young), he was interested in everything! He even gave the desk staff and smile then proceeded to wait patiently for the doctor to see us. 

After about an hour, Bear had been poked and prodded enough. The doctor told us that further tests would need to be done in order to determine whether the mass was cancer or an infection. I know, cancer? Are you kidding me? He has had this bump for less than 60 hours, that escalated quickly.

So we were sent home with the Cone of Shame in hopes that the results would yield only good news! 

We are happy to report, we are in the clear. An infection has found it's way onto my poor dog-son's arm and will be treated with antibiotics. PHEW!

Since we want to make sure he doesn't irritate the area, he is still going to be in the cone for the next few days. Luckily B is staying home with him to make sure he isn't too sad. He even found time to play with his toys today. 

So to deal with my anxiety, I had to do something to take my mind off the situation. 

This resulted in my joining a team for Ragnar: Napa Valley! The best part is that the team is named the Disnerds and we all dress up as Disney characters. I have already claimed Ariel, Cinderella and Minnie Mouse. So excited! 

Oh and did I mention I registered for my first race in 2015!? Crazy, right?

Want to get in on this crazy action? Super duper extra early registration rates for the Half Marathon is $60 until February 1st! 

Now that the crisis has temporarily passed, I will focus on trying to pack for Miami. Also, channeling the snow clouds to avoid my little town for a few hours Friday night, so I can hop a plane to Florida. 

Happy Running! 


  1. So glad your doggy is okay and that it isn't cancer. Awesome on the Ragnar team, I'm still looking for one to join.

    1. I know! I was a wreck all day at work but all is well! Which Ragnar are you trying to run? I am sure we can find you a team!