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The recovery struggle and #RunThisYear clarifications.

Let the New Year gym crowds begin. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled so many people are dedicating themselves to a more active lifestyle. I am just not used a gym with only 5 treadmills. I almost headed home but them I got lucky. 

My tired and sore legs were only able to carry me 2 miles. I chalked it up to it being better than nothing. 

Since the weather in the Midwest is nuts, we decided to postpone our return home. 

Really don't want to drive on those highways tomorrow. The yellow is still covered in snow, the red is impassable; we have to drive on majority of both.

Which means I will be fighting for another treadmill for my long run on Saturday, wish me luck!

For anyone participating in #RunThisYear, the awesome Tiffany "Running Hutch" has put together a video. This is a great tool to help you out in participating in this challenge. 

Don't forget to join us on January 9th @ 6pm PST for a Twitter chat! 

Let's #RunThisYear!

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