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It would snow on the day I leave to Miami

Well last night, after enjoying dinner and a movie with B, I took on the task of packing. You would think after traveling for about 4 races out of state I would be less anxious. Bring on the anxiety! B was really supportive and supervised the packing to avoid any clothes throwing or frustration. I am happy to report that all went well and I am packed for Miami!

Since Bear is still in his sad "Cone of Shame" sleeping is a merely memory. Poor guy turns and hits a wall or turns and knocks himself over. I am so worried he is going to hurt himself so I wake up every 30 minutes to make sure he is breathing. Worried and hovering dog-mom here! So after about 4 total hours of sleep, I woke up excited for the day. Then I looked outside and saw the nice little dusting of snow. So far there is no delay with flying (knock on wood) because I need sunny beaches! 

If you are traveling for a race this weekend be safe and have fun! 

See you soon Miami! 

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