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Bani Bands Review

Over the Christmas break, I was fortunate enough to win an awesome prize from Jennifer over at Teacher in Training

Now if you are familiar with my blog and Instagram, I am typically a hat kinda girl. I rely on them to keep sun out of my eyes and keep my head warm. P.S. During the summer hats are brutal; but good for the eyes. 

I have seen so many runners sport a variety of headbands and I always thought, "My forehead is too big and my hair is too thick". So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out something new.

I received them in the mail and loved the colors.

One of the elements that I was most intrigued about was the adjustable strap. Again, I have a big head and thick hair so this gave me hope that it just might work out. 

I started wearing the bands just around the house. At first everyone was confused (remember I don't wear headbands) but they all complimented me. It was finally the moment of truth a few days later, how would they withstand the treadmill?

Still in place! I have worn the bands on several runs, running errands, and even to sleep. They are comfortable and stay in place. The band itself was not too tight and didn't tear up my hair when taking it off. I love the variety of colors and band widths. Tip: After wearing wash by hand in cold water gently; hang dry. 

Since I have a medium width band, I can't speak to the thin or wide bands but it can't hurt to try. Since they are adjustable, they can fit a toddler or person with a 22" head circumference (me).

Side Note: Be sure to read the Our Story section of the Bani Bands website. I love reading about the humble beginnings of companies. Thanks Renee for creating such an awesome headband!

Happy Running! 

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Yay! So glad you received them & like them. They are truly my favorite headband! I have a thinner width that I love too. Keep an eye out...I have a wider width in a floral pattern I'll be giving away soon.

  2. Yes Jennifer they were amazing! I may be investing in more very soon! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!