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Sending Happiness.

I hope that you are all spending massive amounts of time with family and loved ones today! Since B and I no longer live near family, we are always sleeping less partying with family more. We always say we are meant to be because my family does all the big stuff on Christmas Eve. While B’s family is big on Christmas Day, so it is always a perfect few days (plus our families live about 30 minutes away from one another).

Last night we had dinner and dug into the presents.

Let me just say, as I have gotten older my parents have made out like bandits for Christmas.

Our dog, Jewels, and cat, Simba, even go in on the action.

Gifts ranged from: running/walking gear for my mom

Obnoxiously awesome t-shirts for my dad (oh and he got a laptop)

Decorations for our apartment

A sweater/hoodie for Jewels

Plus gloves to cheer on ‘Merica!

It is an amazing thing spending time with family!

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday no matter your traditions.

Wishing happiness to you all!

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