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Running with Soul: Meet Sarah (#1)

Featured Runner: Sarah

Little bit about you: 
Well, I'm Sarah, I'm 21 years old and attend the University of Miami. I suppose I can begin my "about me" with; When I told everyone I was going to start running they looked at me like I was insane. After dancing my entire life, I quit not because I lacked certain skills but because I was so disgusted with myself in every aspect. At the age of eleven I would obsess over calories, fat content, body image and became so involved with this "lifestyle" that I pushed away everyone in my life. By the time I was fourteen, everyone was pretty aware that I was "crazy," not because I would starve myself and force myself to vomit if I ate an apple, but because I would consistently work out until 3:00am on my bedroom floor only taking breaks to weigh myself. By the age of sixteen I was basically the size of a ten year old, so of course people started to take action and although I'm not fully recovered…not nearly at all, being allowed to run was a huge stepping stone in my life, because there were times when "walking the dog" was a huge fight in my life. I began running during my freshman year of college, unfortunately I went a little overboard and had to quit for several months to get my life together. Thankfully I'm once again cleared and couldn't be happier. And not only am I finally doing this "the right way" I have never felt better in my entire life, the years of pure destruction is finally coming to end…I think, but I'm willing to do what it takes to continue a sport I love. Hakkuna Matata.

Who or what inspires you to run? 
 My inspiration would have to be my dad, he has always been my go-to run buddy and although we have left each other prior to finish lines, he always waits for me at the end, and when he places and I don't, he'll inform the race crew to mail him the placement medal. 

What is your running mantra? 
Live. Love. Run.

What is your favorite running/fitness blog? 
Run Disney ( <3

What has been your most memorable race? 
 Definitely ING, I fell flat on my face at mile 4 and continued until the finish line all bloody. It was awesome, and my run buddies don't let me forget it…nor do all my friends that were there. 

What is your dream race (besides Boston)? 
 I would love to run Ottawa, I'm Canadian, I should run a Canadian Marathon...

What are you currently training for? 
 Dopey…because I'm insane.

What one piece of running gear can you not live without? 

My watch, how else am I supposed to know when sprinting becomes acceptable??

If you could share any words of advice/encouragement to a new runner, what would it be? 
Be yourself and take action, you're stronger than you think and no matter how many people have put you down, you do have ability to conquer anything you set your mind to.

Be sure to follow Sarah on her journey:

Thank you so much Sarah for being so honest and open about your journey to “healthy running”. So many battle for the perfect body and weight which can lead them down a very dangerous path. It is so great to hear you have found that groove in running again. Good luck with the Dopey Challenge! I am definitely thinking about that challenge in the coming years. Keep up the great work! 

Be sure to check back each week, as another runner shares her story of running with soul.

Happy Running!


  1. Cool first Running with Soul post! Sarah, such a hard thing to share. Glad you found healing in running!

    1. Thanks Jessica! Sarah is awesome! She truly embodies determination and spirit.

  2. I am loving this new Running With Soul series! Can't wait to read more. Sarah, thank you for sharing your inspiring story.

    1. Glad you are enjoying Elizabeth! Check back each Monday 8 am CST for a new featured runner! The series will last until April 2014!