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Run This Year 2014 Team

I hope that you all have been having a fantastic holiday with family and friends. I have been AWOL due to shopping, eating, family, oh and did I mention eating? I am ready to get back into the swing of things and a running routine. Thank goodness for my extra patient and supportive running coach, I bet I am driving her bananas.

I wanted to stop in to share an exciting announcement.

I am now an official member of the #RunThisYear Team!

What is #RunThisYear?

Basically it is an amazingly awesome (free) running community that pushes and motivates runners to run as many miles as they can in a year! The great part about this community is it is for everyone: the seasoned runner and the novice. You can challenge yourself to run all year or even run the year in miles. Follow the link above to learn more about joining the community.

#RunThisYear is social!

There will also be amazing giveaways going on throughout the year! Look out for them here or on Twitter.

Here are the challenges:

Challenge 1: Run the year in miles: 2,014 miles in 2014.

          Download a sample running calendar to see how it can be done.
          Breaks down to 5.5 miles every day or 39 miles per week.

Challenge 2: Run the year in kilometers: 2,014 kilometers = 1251.4 miles.

          Roughly 3.5 miles every day or 24 miles per week.

(Example of how tackling the kilometers might look.)

Challenge 3: GYOG!

·      Get Your Own Goal! If you join later in the year or are new to running, that’s okay! Participate by selecting a challenging mileage total for yourself and get after it!

At the end the day or week, enter your miles into the Mileage Entry Log. These will be included in the monthly report of runners participating. Such a great way to stay motivated during the year.

In other words, we are going to rock 2014! I am challenging myself to 2,014 kilometers this year! Check out my other goals for 2014! I cannot wait to help challenge and inspire you all in meeting your goals.

Have questions about #RunThisYear? 

How many miles are you running in 2014?


  1. I definitely want to sign up for this! How do I get involved?

    1. Hi Kristen! Awesome! Visit and follow the group on the various social medias! We will have giveaways throughout the year for you to sign up to win, so be on the lookout! Once you pick a challenge, you can log your miles daily or weekly over at and we will post the miles monthly to the entire #RunThisYear group! There will also be Twitter Chats and fun stuff all year!

      We are excited to #RunThisYear along with you!

  2. That is such an awesome goal! As tempting as it is I'm going to have to skip it. Too much running on my plate for the new year!

  3. I take that back. I somehow missed the kilometers option! Reconsidering :)

    1. Do it Jill! I am tacking the kilometers, so join me!!!

  4. ohh I think I am going to do it too!

    1. Hi Crystal! Do it! Are you considering the miles or kilometers?!