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Re-Thinking Commitments and Goals in 2014

As we start to say goodbye to 2013, it is time to look to 2014. You all know what that normally means, resolutions. Every year we grab a piece of paper and pen to jot down our hopes of what to accomplish in the New Year. Many times, the resolutions can range from reaching a goal weight, running a marathon, or traveling to a new place. I have to admit that has been me for years and years. I am always searching and striving to meet a goal that has never been attainable. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have already started my resolution writing to include many items like the ones above. However, I know that there has to be more to my thinking when making these resolutions.

After my chat last night with Commitment Day and FitFluential there are so many elements to consider in order to have a successful 2014. Here are some clips that I found most helpful from the chats last night:

Ultimately, there are a few key elements in order to meet your commitments and goals.

1.    Write them down. Make a chart! Share them with friends, family, Twitter! This will help you stay accountable and stay motivated.

2.    Check in monthly, weekly; whatever works for you. This will help you see progress and re-evaluate the goals. You can even update or add new goals! No one ever said you can’t shake things up.

3.    Find a community that supports your goals and commitments. Whether it is a walking/running group, an exercise class, or a challenge group; being around like-minded people will keep you motivated.

4.    Stay positive. Too many times we get caught up in missing one workout, one run, seeing no change in the scale. Bumps in the road will happen, but that doesn’t mean you can get back up! We all struggle so know you are not alone. 

With all of that being said, it is time for me share what I hope to accomplish and my commitments in 2014.

Provide support to my immediate family in their journey to a healthier life.
Spend time volunteering to help my local community in living an active life.

Complete 14 half marathons in 2014, injury free.
Create a clean home environment for my family.
Work towards achieving a healthy BMI for my age and height.
Reach 1000 miles of running. 

There are monthly check-in goals that I had planned as well, but this is the main focus. These commitments and goals will help me meet my overall lifelong fitness goal: 

Live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Remember, no matter the goal, commitment, or dream; there is nothing you cannot accomplish. So dream big and never give up!

What are your goals for 2014?
What one commitment are you making to improve your life in 2014?


  1. fantastic recap of the tips! I'm trying to lessen my overall commitments to do BETTER on fewer things

    1. Thanks! The chats really hit close to home, so I am happy to share! Lots of happy wishes for 2014 to you and yours!

      Happy Holidays Amanda!