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Ending 2013 with a bang!

Happy New Year's Eve all! 

The year definitely flew by for me, I cannot even recap how amazing the year has been. So in celebrating the final hours of 2013, I celebrated the only way I know how: a race.

I prepped the night before, which was weird because it was a Monday night. The days have truly been blending together since we have been home in Texas. 

Isn't my bib fancy?

The race is the New Year's Double in Allen, Texas. The race is unique because there are 3 race distances on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Oh you read right....

A runner can do back to back 5K's, half marathons, or full marathons! There are also options to run a single distance on one of either day. What I absolutely loved, were the parents running the 5K with their kids and then turning around and running a half or full. Due to the type of races each day, there are very low entries available; the races always sell out. 

I was in the 5K group, so I had an early start time of 7:20 which meant: a sunrise start.

The temperatures were surprisingly chilly for a Texas morning but it was still in the high 20s. I layered up to make sure I didn't look like a complete nut in capris and a short sleeve shirt. The course was a figure eight around the park which was nice and flat. I took it easy (since I haven't really ran in about 2 weeks) and high fives all the cute kids running. 

It was a blast and since I was done before 8 am, I missed traffic and had breakfast. I didn't stick around for the other races because I was minus a jacket. 

Overall the race was great! I enjoyed the low number of participants because the park sidewalks could get pretty cramped. The volunteers were awesome in cheering us on and pass out water. I would say if you want a challenge this is the race for you! 

If you want to know when the 2014/2015 registrations opens, get your email added to the list. This way you don't miss out on this awesome race! 

I leave you with this awesome little nugget...

See you in 2014!

Happy Running!

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  1. Great nugget!

    I was kind of disappointed in the lack of New Year's races around here. I was kind of hoping there would be more options, but no such luck. Oh, well. I'll have to make up for it on my own.

    Happy New Year!