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Texas here I come.

Let the packing commence! That's right tomorrow morning I begin the 12 hour drive to the Great State of Texas.  I will be running the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Half Marathon on Sunday! I am so excited that I just mind end up forgetting my running shoes. Let's hope not.

If you happen to notice the bottles of shampoo, there are about 10 small bags of gummy bears. Hooray for race fuel! Oh did I mention, I am packing a travel cooler full of goodies. I am really trying to focus on the good stuff on my 12 hour drive to Texas. 

Only thing missing is a couple of PB & J sandwiches. Time to enjoy a little TV with my other half then early to bed.

I have a date with the open road at 6 a.m.! 

What races are you running this weekend? Will anyone be in San Antonio?


  1. I've never tried gummy bears as running fuel. Lately I've been using fruit purees, but so far they've been a little bulky to carry. I might try gummy bears and see how my stomach does with them.

    1. Ashley you really should try them. They give that bolster of sugar and never hard on MY stomach. I have tried so many things but so far this has been the best. Also, I am still trying to get over the whole "eating while running" thing. Good luck! Let me know what works!