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Pacebands: Thoughts and Photos

The anticipation of your first half marathon can be both exciting and filled with anxiety, right? I mean, you worry about what gear to keep on you, how to fuel properly, enjoying the moment, and for some of us it is simply crossing the finish line. For me, it was proving to myself that I could do it, run for 13.1 miles without giving up. Plus I thought, "Hey I could do this in under 3 hours!". I have trained for this for months, so let's add a little bit of a challenge. 

Enter the Paceband.

Now, I know many of you are thinking, SERIOUSLY?!?!? Your first half, you should just be focused on finishing. I honestly wanted to do my best to reach for the stars. Cheesy, right? I will admit I absolutely loved this bracelet during the race. I loved being able to glance at my Garmin and match it up with where I was for my goal pace. 

There are tons of colors to choose from depending on if you like to match your gear or if you like everything in PINK. What's great about these bands is it is not just for half marathoners but marathoners too! I am definitely going to keep these around as I continue toward that goal marathon in 2015!!

Pacebands has been awesome enough to offer a discount to readers who want to give these a try. 

Visit to get a Paceband at an awesome price! 

Happy Running!!


  1. I have never seen this before! So interesting.

  2. That's pretty cool! It would have been nice to have this for my first half. I was just a few minutes off my goal. Though I was just glad to finish at that point.