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A quick Thanksgiving bon voyage.

The excitement has finally set in, we are less than 24 hours away from a 5 day vacation. Can I get a "woo hoo"? I am fairly certain I have mastered the art of packing. Although, this one suitcase is for 5 days and I took more with me on my 2 day half marathon trips.

Although I have to go to work for part of the day tomorrow, I am so thankful that about 98% of the students are gone. Which means catching up on emails and paperwork! 

I hope that if you are traveling or staying home with family that you stay safe and eat well. Seriously though, stay safe those Black Friday or should I say Thanksgiving Day shoppers can be a little scary. I will proudly be avoiding the malls and trading it for movies/games/leftover eating with family in Connecticut. 

One final note, if you are up for challenge this holiday then I have a doozy for you. Runner's World has once again brought out a #RWRunStreak Challenge. The challenge will begin on Thanksgiving Day and last until New Year's Day. For those of you new to the challenge, this means running at least one mile a day. If you take a picture or post your miles make sure to use the hashtag above. There is an article that gives a little more information about the challenge. I will not be partaking in the challenge this time around but I applaud those who will be taking it on. 

Again, have a great Thanksgiving everyone! 

Be on the look on for my Winter Gear Must Have's post! 

Happy Running!

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