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July Challenges

Well after announcing my personal fitness challenges for the month of July, I had many followers show interest in participating. I am so excited that so many have decided to challenge themselves and dedicate their lives to health. I created each of the calendars based on challenges I found on Pinterest. I adjusted them a bit to my own personal fitness level and removed the rest days normally occurring every 6 days. I would recommend that anyone participating to add rest days as needed, as well as, make sure to listen to your body. Challenges like this are fun and exciting but you wanna make sure you are not injuring yourself by overdoing it. I am excited and eager to start this month off with a bang.

Feel free to share this with your readers and followers by directing them to the following link:

I look foward to hearing about all of your success this month!

Happy July!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jennifer! Happy July! Enjoy your week!

  2. Luv challenges! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Was suggested to follow you on Twitter and I found your blog. Love the challenges! Will keep track on both. All the best from Saipan!

  4. Love these challenges, girl!! GET IT!!