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To do lists are taking over my life. (#plankaday announcement)

In approximately 35 hours my spouse and I will be leaving our little home in Illinois for a month. After a very stressful semester, we are in desperate need of a vacation and time with family. Oh and did I mention we are going to ICELAND for 15 days for our 1 year anniversary/honeymoon? Yeah I am so excited (it will be my first trip over an ocean) but terrified at the same time! I keep having flashbacks of scenes from Taken (except the kidnappers have giant parkas and skidoos) which doesn't comfort a newbie international traveler. But after months of preparation and attempting to pronounce all of the city names, I think I am as well prepared as I can be.

So to fill my time today, (since no running was scheduled) I attempted to put together a large list of things I need to accomplish before Friday evening.


May 11-15: Spending time in Texas with family/dropping off Bear-dog with Grandma.

May 16-31: ICELAND!!!!!!!

June 1-10: Enjoying delicious Mexican food in Texas (maybe squeeze some family time in).

Needless to say there is a lot of different climates and occasions to pack for during our month away. So I utilized a giant poster board to jot down my various lists in an attempt to stay organized. In reality I think all it did was make me want to curl into a ball and cry. Funny enough, I made the list then began writing this post, so procrastination may be the theme tonight.

While I realize, unless you own a microscope, this is quite impossible to read, I felt I needed to share my accomplishment. YAY, I put it all on paper and now I have to figure out how to fit it in the car. Let the panic attack begin. I would just like you to note in the bottom left hand corner...yes, there is a Bear Packing List. I am convinced he has more "items" to pack than the humans in the house. I am also sad to report that I will not be doing any running in Iceland. During my planning, quite literally every hour was planned, (yes, even potty breaks) in order to see the ENTIRE country. Plus, majority of our time will be spent hiking, walking and swimming which put me at ease about not getting a run in. So, I have something fun planned for my readers while we are exploring the country!

As many of you may(or may not know) I have jumped on the #Plankaday bandwagon! 

Today's plank was a PR! YAY! 

So to share our amazing trip with you I will be doing my planks at various scenic locations EVERYDAY from Iceland! Each day I will post a picture of me planking in front of an amazing site in the country (maybe two or three, if we pass too many amazing sites I won't be able to chose one). This will be a fun way to include my readers but more importantly to share that I am keeping up with my #plankaday commitment. If you happen to miss the post I will also be tagging pictures/posts with #ICELANDPLANKS. I will be post more details about the trip once I return to states and recover from being Dora the Explorer. 

Interested in joining the #plankaday community? Just take a picture of your plank time and post it with the tag #plankaday. There is an amazing community out there of very dedicated plank-ers who are undoubtedly plank superstars! Can you plank over 4 minutes? Head over to Running with Ollie she has created a Plank Leader Board and I pretty sure the leader has held a plank for over 11 minutes! Crazy I know, but she is awesome because she is from Texas so go check out her page!

I am looking forward to a 4 mile run tomorrow (another method of packing procrastination) and breakfast with the spouse! I hope everyone is doing fantastic and ready to enjoy some warm summer weather. 

Happy Running! 

What are your "must-have" items when traveling?

Do you run or exercise while on vacation?


  1. Iceland? Really? SOooo awesome! I love #icelandplanks...I am sure it will catch on like wildfire! Good luck on your adventures! Sounds so amazing! :) (p.s. thanks for the shout out!)

    1. I know! I am so nervous LOL! I just know I am going to end up doing planks 10 times a day. On a good note I will come back with abs. :-) (p.s. you're welcome, seriously inspirational)