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Run Like You Have Wings and Follow Friday.

This morning was quite possibly one of the best runs I have had in quite a long time. Since I am not in "official" training, my goal each week is to meet a mileage between 9-14 miles. On the schedule today was a long run of 4 miles at a painfully slow pace which I absolutely hate majority of the time. I headed out my door and the first mile literally flew by and I ran 1 minute faster than my long run pace. Oops. Oh well, I took lemons and made lemonade. I ran each mile about 10 seconds slower than my half marathon pace. YAY! I cannot even believe that 4 miles felt great because I used to despise anything over 3 miles! To top it all off I had a PR!
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So back to my awesome run. Yeah, I will be riding this high for quite a while. I even had my on my Today's Miles shirt which I am convinced gave me wings. Runners red bull? 

Once I cooled down and dragged myself upstairs I celebrated by foam rolling for about 20 minutes and of course my #plankaday. Yes, it was quite painful and I may never do it again or until my legs hurt so bad I can't walk. If you have any stiffness or tight muscles after a run, I would highly recommend looking into foam rolling. It may not help everyone but it was my lifesaver. 

PR on day 10 of my challenge!

Did I mention we are heading out the door in about 8 hours? I am wisely utilizing my time to write this blog and plan future blogs before leaving for ICELAND! I may be a little excited but I think it is masking my sheer horror of visiting a foreign country. Who knows I may come back speaking Icelandic. Remember that huge to do list? I finished the list and we are ready to go. I had to celebrate the occasion with a luggage photo op (and Bear made a cameo). 
Top left: Everyone needs a backpack when you travel.
Top right: Iceland gear (2 weeks of my life shoved into a backpack). 
Bottom: Texas bag which mainly consists of running gear, hence my best friend...Mr. Foam Roller.

I only wish I learned the art of efficient packing before I went on multiple trips requiring me to check my huge amount of luggage. You live you learn? Great, now I am going to be worried I didn't pack ENOUGH for the country located a mere 50 miles from the Arctic Circle. Speaking of the cool locale that is Iceland, did you hear about my #Plankaday commitment? Check it out and visit the blog each day (between May 16-31) for a new photo showing off the gorgeous Iceland scenery with a plank or two! I am really excited to share this with you all, plus it's Iceland! If you have seen Prometheus you will understand, if not here is a sneak peek. 

Dettifoss, Northeastern Iceland

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Happy Running to all!