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Off to Iceland we go! (Weekly Recap)

Today we are off to Iceland! It has been over a year in the making which means I am super anxious/excited. I have planned out every day (directions, pit stops, food, excursions, etc.) and I just hope we have smooth sailing but I am sure we will get lost and take detours. Please forgive the shortness of this entry but I am trying not to forget necessities, like my toothbrush. As funny as it may seem, I just wanted to squeeze one last run in before my 15 day break. Someone please reassure me that my fitness won't be down to zero when I return.

Here is my Weekly Recap of running in Texas:

Monday: 2 mile easy run @ 13:09 pace & #plankaday 1:31

Tuesday: 3 mile hill run @ 13:20 pace & #plankaday 1:32

Wednesday: 2 mile run (.5 WU, 1 mile @ 5K pace, .5 CD) & #plankaday 1:36

Thursday: 2 mile run @ 12:58 pace & #plankaday 1:38

Don't forget to keep a look out for my #IcelandPlanks on Twitter. I will attempt to load them onto the blog each day but there may not be wireless available each night. If you are just learning about this here is the info: I will be completing my #Plankaday from various locales in Iceland. I may do a few a day depending on the scenery but be on the look out as I update each day. The hashtag is #IcelandPlanks and will begin tomorrow, May 17th. 

Although I won't be able to make a full post for over 15 days I hope you all stay in touch!

Happy Training, Racing, Vacations and Family time!

*P.S. If you were on the look out for the Under Armour 7" Compression Shorts, I am sorry to report that I was not able to squeeze in trying them out. I will be sure to get a review up (as well as other new gear) during the first week of June. 

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