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I Run for Pizza.

There are some days when taking a day off is quite necessary. I, like many runners, find that those rest days help balance our training and life. Yesterday, was not one of those days for me. The main reason was that I would be consuming massive amounts of pizza with friends. So I woke up at 6:30 in the morning to take on my first run in Texas (my attempt to avoid the heat of the late morning). I took off on my 2 mile run through some pretty awesome rolling "hills" and enjoyed the amazing morning. 

I was lucky enough that the temperature was still in the 60s, which meant I wasn't moments from a heat stroke. A different climate and hilly terrain made me realize how unprepared I was prior to this run (even though I felt great). 

1. Ease into warmer temperatures. 
Try to plan runs before/after the hottest part of the day. After a couple of runs I, personally, like to slowly work in mid-day runs in the heat to add versatility to my training. 

2. Plan out your routes to verify that they are runner friendly.
There is nothing like running out of sidewalk or running into construction to throw off a run. Also, planning to run by a convenience store or drive thru can serve as a great hydration station on a long run.

3. Before you head out the door give family your planned route. 
My spouse has all my routes memorized (back home) so sharing just how long you will be gone (in a new place) is not enough. Becoming dehydrated or reacting to increased heat means a pick up mid-run may be necessary. 

Growing up in Texas, I adapted to the heat but since moving to Illinois (I miss that weather) my body was not ready for the heat. Thus, I load up on water and use Nuun Hydration to add some flavor (and more importantly electrolytes). 

5. Be Positive! 
On a new route, new elevation and new temperatures means you should not expect a perfect run. Your pace may change slightly or your body may not enjoy heat but don't be discouraged. This is just one more challenge of your running journey.

Following my run, I attempted to stretch before heading out the door to spend another day with the mom. Of course, I had to take a few minutes to complete my #Plankaday. I struggled a bit (probably due to the whole not hydrating enough) but I did what I could. 

I headed to chop off my long locks (in preparation for Iceland) and eat lunch with the parents. I have to stop and share a picture of my childhood cat that is 18 YEARS OLD

I introduce Simba, King of the Indoor Cats. 

After our lunch reunion, we headed to grab more gear needed for Iceland and to treat myself to a much needed pedicure. I have heard so many runners indulging in massages before/after races or even monthly, which I thought "my muscles are great" why bother? Well, I ate my words and the pedicure was not only amazing but needed. My poor tender shins, calves and arches were so grateful and my toes now look presentable in sandals. 

 Advice: Post-race/monthly pedicures are a great treat for your muscles. 

My day concluded with an amazing dinner shared with some of my college sorority sisters. 

Did I mention how much I love pizza? 

Happy Running! 

How do you prepare for training runs away from home?

What are your rituals to treat yourself after a hard run?

Any pizza toppings you can't live without?
Give me pepperoni, mushroom, and goat cheese any day!


  1. Those warm weather running tips are great! I really need to start forcing myself to get up early...I am so not a morning person! It is getting to warm here in lower Alabama to do my regular post-work runs

    1. Hi Beth! Glad you enjoyed the tips! The list could go on and on but those are the ones I focus on daily. It is difficult getting up early but it is a great way to start a full day. Happy Running!

  2. Hi! I saw you commented on my blog, so decided to hop on over to yours. Thank you for the running tips! When I am away from home and I need to run, I usually map out my route on mapmyrun and ask the people that I am with or know any neighborhoods to avoid or areas to check out, etc. After a hard or long run or both I always go to starbucks or coffee bean to get my favorite coffee drink! I love your blog! I'm glad I stopped by!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I think the tips list is never-ending. I always think of a million tips especially for the warm weather. :-)

  3. After my big events I make sure I get a massage. They are so necessary and wonderful. Its my little reward for all that work.

    I love a good Hawaiian pizza. Mmmm

    1. I am trying to convince the spouse to buy me a massage after every race! LOL! I may not be that convincing! I had pizza for dinner tonight as a send off to my Iceland adventure.

  4. Great Weather tips!

    love the kitty! I'm a ginger owner too =)