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Happy Mother's Day.

I love little holidays where a special person in your life is celebrated. If I had it my way I would celebrate everyday, but I guess then the novelty would wear off. As many of you may know, this is the first time in my life when I don't live within an hour of my parents. So it was important for me to spend as many minutes of the day reminding my mom just how AWESOME she is. Now, one thing I must note about my mother and I, we love to shop! Which means in between meals on special occasions we ransack some store and come out champions! (If you are curious, YES, Queen is playing in the background as we triumphantly exit store after store.) In order to celebrate my return to Texas (at least for the time being), we did Mother's Day proud. 

Started the day with an amazing lunch of Mexican food goodness. Yeah that's right, I saved the first bite of Mexican food (IN OVER 4 MONTHS) with my parents and spouse. They should consider themselves lucky because it was beautiful and perhaps slightly nauseating watching me stuff my face. 

Afterwards, I volunteered the spouse to perform photography duty while my father avoided the camera. I guess mom and I are the photo hogs in this family. 

Can you tell we are smiling through the pain of full bellies?

We then proceeded to head over to Pinkberry (best frozen yogurt!) and partake in mini yogurt & fruit goodness. You know to top off the Mexican food in our already stuffed bellies. Next stop, an outlet mall in search of things I am sure we don't need...until we see it. I am quite certain we should receive medals for our ability to spot items from across the room that are perfect for an important occasion that hasn't been planned yet. However, there were necessities for the upcoming trip to Iceland, so I raided a Columbia. Don't worry I left some things for other shoppers. I then proceeded to NEED some more compression shorts. I actually am going to compare the Reebook 7" Compression Shorts and Under Armour 7" Compression Shorts. I am quite curious and will have the results for you very soon! 

So what should anyone do after a fun filled afternoon of shopping? Eat again! But really, we met up with my MIL and BIL for a dinner at a local favorite restaurant. I decided to attempt some self control and order a somewhat "good for me meal" I say that because it is served with vegetables in order to balance my massive lunch. 

We then had to end on an even higher note.

All in all I would say that Mother's Day was a complete success. I spent time with those I love and ate way too much (but it was amazing!). I am so thankful to have such an amazing best friend and mother who has always been a rock in my life. I only hope that each and every year I am able to share how special she truly is in my life and heart. To all the mom's out there, I hope you had an amazing day, all about you!

Happy Running! 


  1. You and your mom sound just like me and my and eating...Looking forward to your review on those compression shorts!

    1. Hi Beth! Yeah, we are so good at it that we hit up some more stores today. :-) The compression shorts review should be up by Wednesday!