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First Day! New adventures for one and all!

So this is the blog world? Here I go stepping out into the sea of the unknown, lucky for me I have all you wonderful people to keep me afloat. Okay enough with the "pun-ny" but seriously I am new to the blogging world so bear with me.

As I reached nearly 400 followers on Twitter, I realized it was time to share my totally, awesome, and amazing running journey. Well here goes...My name is Marcia and I am a runner living in the good ole' Midwest. I grew up in Texas and lived there for 27 years. No, I do not own a cowboy hat. I recently got married to my best friend and biggest running cheerleader. 

Hands down the best day of my life. 

Initially, my running journey began in an effort to lose weight and get back to running. I have run off and on since the age of 12. Running was always the ONLY sport I excelled in. The only problem for me this time around was the fact that I decided to start running at the end of November in Illinois! I know, what was I thinking? However, the weather did not discourage me and layers of clothing got me through the winter.

First 5K in the snow!

I love running and by extension I love road races! I have committed to many amazing races in the upcoming year which I am stoked about! I am definitely new to the longer distances but I am excited to take on the challenges. Recently, I ran my first 10K and I PR'ed! :-) Seriously, though it was an amazing experiences which my mother flew into town (to wake up at the crack of dawn) to watch me race! Did I mention I have the best cheerleaders? 

Quick photo op before the start. 

All in all, I am trying to run because I love it. Nothing else quite compares to the freedom of lacing up and hitting the pavement. Plus I love potatoes and chocolate milk, so this is my secret motivation

I hope you all enjoy reading about my running life and everything in between! 

Please feel free to stop by anytime to leave a comment or share some training tips, my door is always open. 

Happy Running! 


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Can't wait to read more about your running adventures!

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to share with you all!

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  3. Hey girl! I just stumbled across your blog, dont ask me how! Twitter maybe? Ha, oh well! Love what I've read so far, welcome to blogging!!

    1. Hi Sarah! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! I saw you love photography, so you should stop by between May 16-31 I will doing #plankaday from Iceland.