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Deep in the Heart of Texas.

I am thoroughly convinced the I could road trip anywhere in the world. I have taken on the task of driving from Texas to California, Washington D.C., Virginia, Nevada, and Illinois. Every trip has not been my finest moments (lack of make up and loads of caffeine aren't good for anyone). I will share this little relationship tip: if you can survive with your significant other in a car for more than 10 hours, you should probably marry that person. I only say this because close quarters, lack of sleep and food, combined with psychotic drivers can make anyone a little crazy. The mere fact that I can walk away from each road trip with the spouse laughing, just makes me realize how genuinely lucky I am in life. 

Here are some little tidbits from the road:

Hour 1: Caught Bear snoozing and attempting to get comfortable. 

Beautiful Illinois/Missouri wild prairie flowers that literally went on for miles.

Success! First attempt photographing both sign and arch in the same frame. 

Caught the opening pitch of the Cardinals v. Rockies game. (via car)

By hour 4 Bear was quite content with taking up the entire backseat. 

After approximately 15 hours of potty breaks, drive thru's and stretch sessions, we arrive in the great state of Texas. We ended up eating dinner around 12:30, which had to include Whataburger. If you haven't had it you are missing out and if you have MMMmmmmm. After we inhaled our food, caught up with family then realized it was TWO O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING! At that point I realized an early morning shakeout run wasn't going to happen because Mother's Day festivities began at 10am. I am just so happy to be home spending much needed time with family.

Happy Running! 

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