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Celebrations, Swag and Summer Racing

No running scheduled today but many exciting news to report. After a full academic year of shelving books at the local public library I have officially "retired". There were definitely days that I loved working with all the wonderful members of the library staff and days where I just wanted to stay home to hang out with Bear to run. I learned so much about library organization and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities and experiences.

So many beautiful heavy carts filled with books.

Naturally there was much celebration to be had with the spouse. Now a note, I never drink alcohol (mainly due to my training plus I don't particularly like the taste) but on this occasion I made an exception. So we headed to a new outdoor dining restaurant serving amazing pub food and toasted to the beginning of the summer. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the birds who decided to join us during dinner. I am a softy for all animals and I think they know it. Fries may or may not have been dropped on the ground.

The glasses were so dainty. 

Now, one important thing to note is that anytime we head out to eat dinner we figure "might as well hit a store or two". On this occasion we headed over to Dick's Sporting Goods because I am dying to find some good compression shorts for the summer. I was thinking some Under Armour or Adidas will do the trick, boy was I wrong. Each pair had an inseam that was too short or too thin (I thought compression shorts were a little more sturdy). So after trying on three pairs I found a winner, winner, chicken dinner! <---If you have seen the movie 21, you will understand my excitement! Oh did I mention I got more NUUN! Did I mention I love shopping?

In all my excitement I didn't notice the spouse bought me a Kind Snack Bar. 

I am excited to break in my brand new Reebok Compression Shorts tomorrow during my 3 mile run! For all my women readers out there with a little more junk in the trunk these shorts are for you too. I am a size 16-18 and got a XL. I will give you a better review after my run, but I got a GREAT feeling! 

Exciting race news... I am OFFICIALLY registered for Bix 7 in Iowa this summer! I am such a dork I even have my race outfit picked out but I will save that..leave you in suspense. Looking forward to taking on the course at Bix 7 and meeting Adriana from Laced Up in Lipstick

Such an amazing day! Looking forward to visiting Texas in 3 days and honeymoon to Iceland in 9 days. Many more fun details to come.

Happy Running! 

What is your favorite flavor of Nuun?

Do you have any fun summer plans or races lined up?

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